12hrs DONOTHON stream Rules and details❣

Hi and welcome to my official homepage★

On this article, you can check the rules and details of 12hrs stream for OCHIYO's New Single Release celebration!!

cheer up for OCHIYO to achieve the goal and finish 12hrs straight!!! lol

【Stream Rules】

・Be respectful to others

・Keep away about other streamers topic until i picked up first (No promotion)

・Be sure stay on Topic (Do not spam random topic )

・No link sharing on chat

If you keep braking these rules after the warning, the mods will BAN you immediately.

If you found some unpleasant comment on chat, do not involve and report/block the user please.

Please follow the rules and let's have fun chat together☆

Thank you for the understanding and cooperating!

DONOTHON special system:

・song requests are accepted by donation(type your song request with your song suggestion) *songlist are closed

Support from here!!↓

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